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What are the taxes and government surcharges associated with my MobileX plan?

At MobileX, we believe in passing on as much savings as possible to our customers so that we can continue to deliver dramatic reductions in wireless service costs without compromising connectivity quality. All our pricing is transparent with no unexplained fees.

After you select or adjust your plans and features, you will have a chance to review your bill before you pay for it. To provide a simple bill, we consolidate all applicable taxes and government surcharges into one line item above the display of the total price. Taxes and government surcharges vary by state and local jurisdiction, and the total is calculated automatically by the compliance solutions plug-in based on the service address you provided. Various government entities require that we collect these taxes and government surcharges, then remit the required amounts to the government entities. We have not adopted the common industry practice of charging you additional fees not mandated by governments. Our prices for services and the amounts we collect as required by governments are transparent.


Below is a list of common taxes and government surcharges:


1. Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) Fee: This fee, required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), supports universal service programs to enhance access to advanced telecommunications services in rural and high-cost areas, provide low-income assistance, and offer services to schools, libraries, and rural healthcare providers. The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) establishes a quarterly contribution factor, and MobileX charges its customers the then-applicable rate set by USAC.

2. State Universal Service Fund (USF) Fee: Like the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) Fee, this charge supports universal programs at the state level.

3. 911 Fees: 911 fees are imposed by state or local governments to support emergency services, such as police, fire, and medical response. Each state, city, municipality, or county has specific charges, and a ZIP code is required to determine the applicable 911 charges.

4. State and Local Taxes: These taxes vary depending on the state and local jurisdiction and may include sales tax, gross receipts tax, utility tax, or other telecommunications-specific taxes.

5. Sales Tax: Applied to the purchase of SIM kits, devices, or accessories.

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