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How to communicate with MobileX and how MobileX could communicate with you

Support methods

MobileX may reach out to you over the following methods

  • In app support request
  • e-mail
  • text message
  • phone call
  • Live chat

Inbound communication 

Live chat is inbound only

Inbound and outbound communication

The support request and e-mail are for inbound and outbound communication.

Outbound communication

Text messages and phone calls are currently only outbound and will only be done when prompted by you to receive either one. Note, that for text messages, standard carrier messages or data rates apply. 

Situations for outbound communication

  • If you request a phone call from in app ticket, and the agent deems that a call would be best to resolve your issue, a call may be agreed upon.
  • An agent may send you a verification code if you opt for the agent to send you one for validation purposes. An agent may suggest alternative methods of validation if you do not want to receive a text. 

Alternative methods of validation

  • Pin on account
  • Last 6 digits of ICCID/SIM #
  • One time Password

Note, you can opt out of receiving texts by mentioning it to the agent or replying to the text message ‘STOP’. 

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