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How Do I Port My Mint Mobile Phone Number to MobileX

  • Every carrier has a particular method to port out your number. But, each porting process starts out identically:
  • First, you need the number you are porting still active with the carrier. If you are taking advantage of a trade-in promo, the request needs to be made prior to trading in.
  • You need to use the carrier-supported method to obtain a Number Transfer PIN
In the Mint Mobile App:
  1. In the app menu select Support Tab
  2. Tap Start a conversation
  3. Type in Account Number and send the message
  4. Tap To Port Out when the bot prompts you
  5. Ask the agent for your Account Number and PIN
  6. Give the agent the requested info and they’ll give you the information.
If you don’t have the app, don’t worry.
  1. You can call them from your Mint by dialing 611 or 1(800) 683-7392.
  2. Follow the voice prompts and talk with an over the phone agent.
  3. Then ask for your Mint account number and PIN.
  4. The agent will ask you for some information and they’ll give you the account number and PIN.
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