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How Do I Port My AT&T Phone Number to MobileX

Every carrier has a particular method to port out your number. But, each porting process starts out identically:
  • You need the number you are porting still active with the carrier
  • If you are taking advantage of a trade-in promo, the request needs to be made prior to trading in.
  • You need to use the carrier-supported method to obtain a Number Transfer PIN
  • All port-ins require the obtained PIN and your current account number
AT&T: With ATT there are three methods of obtaining the Number Transfer PIN
  1. Call *7678 (*PORT)
    1. This will give you a voice prompt dialog flow to get your Number Transfer PIN.
    2. Requires your account passcode to generate the PORT
  2. On the myAT&T app
    1. Log into the app
    2. Go into the profile page in the app and tap People & Permissions.
    3. Scroll down to Transfer phone number then select Request a New Pin
  3. Using the AT&T Website
    1. On the web page menu find People & Permissions.
    2. Select Wireless
    3. Select Transfer phone number and Request a new PIN
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