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How do I activate my Android?

Android activation steps:
  1. If bringing your own number obtain the account number and port out pin from your carrier
  2. Download the app
  3. Activate service
  4. Install SIM card (manually)
  5. Relaunch MobileX app to activate
Android MobileX activation steps:
  1. Download MobileX app
    1. Tap on the app icon
    2. Open Google Play Store
    3. Tap on the magnifying glass to search and type MobileX
    4. Click Go
    5. Tap on the app. Press Install
    6. Select Accept and download
  2. Launch MobileX app
    1. Press Get started!
    2. Do you already have a MobileX SIM?
      1. Press Yes, I have A SIM card
    3. Let’s get acquainted
      1. Enter your name and home address and press Continue
    4. Payment set-up 
      1. Enter your card information
    5. Your device and SIM card
      1. Enter your device’s IMEI number
        1. Open Settings
        2. Select About Phone
        3. Scroll down the page to the IMEI number (the 15 digits to the right). Press and hold this number to copy it
      2. Enter your MobileX SIM Card #
        1. Manually type in the SIM card number (located on the physical SIM card)
        2. Or Press > Scan SIM barcode with your camera; and place your camera over the SIM card barcode until it scans and inputs the number automatically for you
    6. Bring your phone number from your current service
      1. Skip step;  by pressing continue
      2. Or you can bring your phone number by
        1. Enter phone number
        2. Select your current mobile provider
        3. Enter account number
        4. Enter account PIN
        5. Press Continue
    7. Let’s set up a new mobile number for you
      1. Select a number from the three options displayed and then press Next
      2. Or skip if you ported your number
    8. Confirm that we’ve got everything right
      1. Press on Confirm & activate button
    9. Success!
  3. Turn phone off
  4. Manually insert your MobileX SIM card into your device
    1. Locate SIM Tray (found on the edge of your phone)
    2. Pop-out SIM tray (insert SIM tool or paper clip into the small hole on the SIM tray, then gently push to pop the tray out)
    3. Replace your old SIM with your new MobileX SIM
    4. Re-insert the SIM tray into the phone
    5. Power phone back on
Congratulations! You are successfully up and running on the MobileX service!
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